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Monster: The Crimes of Il Sonnambulo


Venice, 1888.


A killer haunts the calles and canals of the Floating City, a killer that many claim is 'Il Sonnambulo' - the Sleepwalker - a mythical figure familiar from old tales and nursery rhymes.

Art student Vittorio Innocenti is convinced he has identified the murderer, but only Commissario Voza, the 'magistrates lackey', believes the young man and fully understands the danger.


Soon, Il Sonnambulo will prove how untouchable he is, and how deep his depravity goes.


Markus Innocenti is clearly on home ground here, in this twisted mystery of horrendous murder set over a century ago in Europe.  Innocenti's depiction of the innocence and glamour of this bygone age is breathtaking...

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