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As this photo so clearly demonstrates, I'm a cheerful, outgoing and gregarious personality. In other words — a writer.

The thing is this. I've spent my life focused on becoming a writer. As the first duty of authorship is to procrastinate, this has meant spending large amounts of time working out ways to avoid the actual process of writing. It has also meant that, from an early age, I was determined to avoid a professional career which would interfere with the serious business of not writing. 


This brilliant strategy led to work and life circumstances I assumed would provide me with  rich and varied experiences. One day, I said to myself, these adventures would be a deep well of knowledge and inspiration for my writing.  Should I ever begin.


And thus, I lived a happy, wandering life for several decades — interrupted for a brief period when I became a relatively well-known filmmaker. Luckily that brush with a serious career didn't last long enough to kill me and I resumed my  feckless ways.


But all good things must come to an end.  Procrastination became an embarrassment.  I made the decision to chain myself to the computer and become the writer I always wanted to be.


So, it all worked out.

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