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Selecting For Success

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

The cartoon below, by artist Katie Maratta, caught my eye almost two decades ago. I cut it out of the Los Angeles Times and kept it — because it so completely sums up the experience of young and emerging filmmakers. When writing the second installment of The Filmmaker's Art series — Selecting For Success — I got in touch with Katie and was delighted to get her permission to use it in the book.

The first three books in the series — Decoding The Script, Selecting For Success and Shooting The List — are now in the final pre-flight proofing stage with an anticipated release in soft cover and digital no later than March 2020.

Katie Maratta's Silent Pictures

Katie Maratta published a book of her 'Hollywood' insights several years back called 'Silent Pictures' which is well worth a read if you're new to Hollywood or the film business — in ten minutes you'll get an unvarnished view of the industry that would take you five years otherwise.

I love artists who don't stand still. For years I thought Katie Maratta was a cartoonist, pure and simple. But when I contacted her to ask permission to use her work I found that she creates the most beautiful and evocative panoramic vistas, primarily of West Texas. Visit her site, and you'll see what I mean.

'Farm With Cloud' Katie Maratta

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