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How Random Will This Get?

A few months back I accidentally deleted this site's original Blog Page. I felt a degree of satisfaction at the time, given my natural inclination not to bother with social media output beyond the most basic. This goes contrary to everything the book marketing gurus tell independent authors. We are urged from all sides to spend hours every day perfecting our 'platform', dangling electronic bait to attract views, posting engaging material that will make the casual browser pause and linger in our company. All in pursuit of the elusive 'click' that will mean a sale, a review, a comment.

Being a contrarian I resisted the marketing urge to make the above image the cover of one of my books, complete with an Amazon Associate link. That's really not what this blog is intended to be. I'd rather it was a random collection of words and images that reflect my world, past and present. I have a life beyond writing which, of course, has deeply impacted my work. I'd also like the blog to be a place where those interested in my books can find out more about the things that interest me and be a place for me to share some of my experiences. But I hear you asking; 'Who's that in the photo?'

Who's That In The Photo?

Pete Shelley (1955-2018) who, with Howard Devoto, formed Buzzcocks — one of the seminal 'punk' bands of the 1970s. By the 80's Pete was a solo performer, pursuing his interest in electronic music. The black & white image is a 'behind-the-scenes' photo from the 1986 'Waiting For Love' music video, directed by myself and Eddie Arno. The color thumbnail links to a You Tube version— although after all this time an obscure video like 'Waiting For Love' is longer as pristine as it once was.

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