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Film School For Free (well, almost) The first three titles in The Filmmaker's Art Series, available now, will give aspiring and emerging filmmakers a good foundation for Script Development and Project Pre-Production. Free for Kindle Unlimited members, and under $25 if you prefer an actual book.

My goal with The Filmmaker's Art is to provide insight and powerful information to help create film and video projects of all sorts.

Further titles in the Series will take dive deep into film production, directing performance, and the arcane mysteries of post-production — so look out for 'Eye of a Poet', 'Actors on Set', and 'Cutting for Keeps' as they become available over the next few months.

The final book in the Series, 'Merchants in the House of Film' is at least a year away but is perhaps the most important of the seven-part series. It's a raw, no-holds-barred examination of the way the industry works and how to carve out a sustainable career in film.

But, for now, get started on your launching pad with 'Decoding The Script', 'Selecting For Success' and 'Shooting The List'.

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